High Speed Strapping Stacker

Hogue Industries is now offering a single station High Speed Lumber Stacking and Strapping System.

The system features a compact strapping system that fits within the Stackers Primary and Secondary Package Accumulation Lift area to replace the sprawling conventional strapping systems of today.

High Speed Package Strapping with all the required battens, corner protectors, and straps applied simultaneously at the Stacker, with a finished unitized package discharged to the outfeed package transfers.

The new Strapping system is designed to match the output of a Double Fork Stacker.

No more package tracking, or disintegrating packages trying to get to the remote Strapper Systems.

The System can shift out a disabled strapper and shift in a functioning strapper to optimize production.

Our system is all Electric and Pneumatic with no Hydraulics.

Covered by US Patent 10661928, Canadian Patent Pending.

For more information contact Gary Hogue at ghogue@hogueindustries.com, 503-329-7241


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